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The Hinterlands – trainings & rehearsals at Play House
Thank You So Much For Coming! – rehearsals at Play House
Sterling Toles – in residence at Sound House
Partnering with Zimbabwe Cultural Centre of Detroit (ZCCD) – hosting Mokoomba in March at Sound House, and Mono Mukundu, in September at Jar House & Sound House
Bangla School of Music
– classes every weekend at Play House
– Pohela Boishakh New year's concert
– Bangla Book Fair
Ride It Fundraiser *Thanks to the Ride It Crew!!
Nari Ward in town to put finishing touches on his Tired Rock sculpture series at Ride It
Juneteenth performance series & Summer Solstice events presented by Jillian Webb
Rat Race at Ride It Sculpture Park *Thanks to the Ride It Crew!!
Walk & Draw with Anne Elizabeth Moore & Melissa Mendes, culminating in the public exhibition Our Big Drawing at Squash House
Detroit Art Week tour around the neighborhood
Detroit-Paris-Detroit jam sessions and public performances at Sound House, Squash House & Ride It Sculpture Park
Proud to host Prisoner's Song, presented by Greg Baise
Grenland Friteater presents My Life as A Man and Mr. Fumblebody at Play House
Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival - including Banglatown Bingo, Sterling Toles' Sound Sessions, and Border Blast! with The Hinterlands
Mothlight Microcinema Chicagoland Shorts screenings
Billy Mark's sound mapping workshops at Play House & the Knapp Branch Library
Open Singing hosted by The Hinterlands

Dance & Juice Party to jump start the new year
Utopian Dinners with The Hinterlands
Bangla School of Music
– classes every weekend at Play House
– Pohela Boishakh New year's concert
– Bangla School of Music Book Fair
Sterling Toles in residence at Sound House
The Hinterlands present The Radicalization Process before touring
Ride It Sculpture Park spring cleaning & design input donut session
Porous Borders: All Over the Map outdoor concert featuring Jennie Knaggs, Efe Bes, and Bangla School of Music
Maia Asshaq’s Poetry & Translation event at Play House featuring Tamar Boyadjian, Stephanie Jean, and Chris Tysh
Sterling Toles' album release listening party at Play House
Figure Club holds winter classes at Squash House
Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival - Shoshanna Utchenik shares shadow puppet techniques through a free workshop
Hosted Joyce Jenje at Jar House in partnership with ZCCD
Hosted The Hinterlands' Consortium Partners from Double Edge Theatre and q-Staff Theatre at Jar House & Play House
Install Nari Ward's "G.O.A.T. Tower" at Ride It Sculpture Park

Nandi Comer & Sterling Toles - Bump in with my DJ event
Kids' Movie Night
The Hinterlands premiere The Radicalization Process
Sterling Toles' Sound House Sessions
Neighborhood Arts Festival events including:
– Pancake Dance Party
– Plant & Seed Exchange
Nari Ward in residence developing public art works for Ride It Sculpture Park
Bummer Film Night series presented by Mitch Cope
Leap Night: Dance Films at Play House presented by Matthew Piper
SADZA in partnership with ZCCD
Ice Scream Truck by Casey Rocheteau commissioned
Radicalization Process – Utopian Dinner series presented by The Hinterlands
AFROTOPIA book club & reading library at Jar House
BlackPoet Ventures workshopped new performance piece at Play House
Hosted Cause Collective's Truth Booth in partnership with Cranbrook Art Museum
& Cranbrook's Bluestockings Crew salon with Maia Asshaq at Jar House
Planted 2 rain gardens thanks to Rain Gardens to the Rescue
Bangla School of Music
– weekly classes at Play House
– Pohela Boishakh New year's concert
– Bangla School of Music Book Fair & Picnic Program
The Hinterlands – trainings & rehearsals at Play House

Production support for Porous Borders Festival
Carmen Wong presents Tactile Taste of Banglatown
WAWAD wire car building workshops
Bangla School of Music Pohela Boishakh recital
Double Edge Theatre resident artist Joanna Caplan performs Total Verrückt
The Hinterlands Open Training workshop
Carmen Wong in residence, research period for Tactile Taste of Banglatown
Banglatown Block Party

Neighborhood Arts Festival performances with Bangla School of Music and Small Change Theater
Mothlight Microcinema showing of Into the Hinterlands
The Hinterlands Open Training workshops
Cui Guanli Sichuan Opera workshop
El Teatro Bárbaro
Carmen Wong in residence
Bangla School of Music Pohela Boishakh recital
Double Edge Theatre visit and training exchange
A Host of People present Life is Happening to Us Again performance residency

Der Verfuerheffekt Theatre presents The 7-Person Chair Pyramid High-Wire Act
The Hinterlands debut The Circuit
Neighborhood Arts Festival
Detroit Showcase

Drawing Restraint 19
Neighborhood Arts Festival
NetFest – Network of Ensemble Theaters Microfest
Ride It DIY Workshop
Boomtown, Bust-town, Bang-town!
Jack's Vision – Thank You Ceremony
Exchange with Chicago Artists Coalition


Juxtapoz Artists Residency