Thanks to the generous support of artists and auction bidders at Juxtapoz's 15 year anniversary, we were able to purchase the Yellow House. Guests began arriving almost immediately after the ink dried on the closing papers and we have been booked with visiting artists ever since.

Here is a partial list of house guests to date:
Barney Baggett, multidisciplinary theatre artist, Brooklyn, New York
Nina Bianchi, communications & graphic design, Detroit, Michigan
Kathy Leisen, artist & musician, Detroit, Michigan & nomadic
Monica Canilao, artist, Oakland, California
Richard Colman, artist, San Francisco, California
Ryan C. Doyle, artist, Brooklyn, New York
Saelee Oh, artist, San Francisco, California
RETNA, artist, Los Angeles, California
SWOON, artist, Brooklyn, New York
Tod Seelie, artist, Brooklyn, New York0
Ben Wolf, artist, Brooklyn, New York
Theaster Gates, artist, Chicago
Ute Zimmerman, Artadia, New York
Annemarie van den Berg, Pink Ponies, Rotterdam
Erik Jutten, 2012 Architects, Rotterdam
PhD candidates from the Urban Heritage program, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany
Charlie O'Geen, architect, Detroit
Sarah Wagner & Jon Brumit, artists, Chicago/Detroit
Laura Sillars, Artangel & Clore Leadership Programme, UK
Césare Peeren, 2012 Architects, Rotterdam
Joost Janmaat, Partizan Publik, Amsterdam