With the assistance of private attorneys, Michigan Community Resources (formerly Community Legal Resources) provides pro bono legal representation to Michigan nonprofit organizations that are working with disadvantaged communities and individuals and are unable to pay for traditional legal services. Since our inception in 1998, Community Legal Resources’ volunteers have contributed an estimated $8,000,000 in pro bono legal services to over 800 nonprofit organizations building affordable housing, attracting new businesses, feeding and sheltering the homeless, and mentoring youth throughout Michigan.

In addition to pro-bono legal support, Power House Productions was awarded a 2012 Security Alternative Funding and Empowerment (SAFE) grant.

"Michigan Community Resources developed SAFE in response to its clients needs to create and pay for unique approaches to solving neighborhood issues. This round of the SAFE program was made possible through generous funding from The Kresge Foundation and The JPMorgan Chase Foundation.

Michigan Community Resources has been empowering Detroit and Michigan nonprofit community organizations by providing pro bono legal and professional services since 1998. Visit Michigan Community Resources at www.mi-community.org."