We have had an overwhelming response as a result of the recent wave of press from people wanting to move into and in many cases back into Detroit. This is truly amazing! We welcome everyone! And we plan on responding to the responses once we sort them all out and read them.

However, to those who are not familiar with this fine city it must be noted that Detroit is a particular kind of place that demands utmost respect and attention, sort of like lion taming: it is not for everyone and it is not easy. Detroit is a beautiful, strong and passionate city, but it is also unpredictable and aggressive and therefore must be handled with the proper tools and caution. If moving to Detroit is done with good intent and care, the experience of living in Detroit can be amazing and profound, like no other, yet you will most likely at some point get scratched and hurt but you must not run. Instead stand your ground and try again. If you stick it out and your relationship with this fine city grows into a healthy one you will love Detroit but you will also hate it too, it's only natural. That is why we think it is the greatest place to live. It's a very real place.

That said, we invite all who are interested in working with us to come and live here. You don't have to live in our neighborhood but can if you want. There are plenty of great neighborhoods and projects and exciting people doing interesting things throughout the city. If you want to buy property near the Power House feel free. Look in the 48212 zip code. The Power House is at the corner of Lawley and Moran. We simply ask that you buy-live-participate, not buy and wait-to-sell. Speculators will be dealt with accordingly.

Our word of advice: DO NOT purchase something without seeing it, no matter how cheap it is. Come and visit, spend some time here first and get to know the neighborhood. There are many factors that go into the process of renovating a Detroit home that don't necessarily have to do with the home itself.

There are many active and well-deserving organizations across the city doing amazing work. All of this attention on a single positive Detroit story goes to show that the news media simply underestimates this town and what its citizens have to offer. We will do our best to get more Detroit stories out to the media. Here are a few good candidates that are also doing great work in Detroit, but not the only ones out there:

Great Realtor: O'Connor Realty Detroit
City Promotion: Model D Media
Community Garden Project: Georgia Street Garden
Urban Farming: Urban Farming
Inspirational Public School: Catherine Ferguson Academy
Blight Busters: Motor City Blight Busters
Artist Initiatives: The Yes Farm
Also: The Lot
And: Popps Packing